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Sharing the SUN on International Women's Day

Sharing The SUN that was released Sunday, 8 March 2020:

We are delighted to be highlighted in The SUN in celebration of International Women's Day. Please enjoy the full article in the link below. We greatly appreciate the support from The SUN and the opportunity afforded to our clients. The highlights of their journeys to success is superb and is the primary focus for us partnering with The SUN to produce the article. While there were a few inaccuracies within the print article, The SUN has expressed their intent to quickly work to correct the same.

Please read and enjoy the stories of success provided by the phenomenal women we serve.

Read the Article Here.

Forthcoming corrections are as follows:

  1. The charity's name is Dress for Success GREATER London

  2. Founder, Juanita Ingram, was not a former client of Dress for Success however she has a deep amount of empathy for the women that we serve. Her start with the organisation was in the capacity of a volunteer and long-time supporter. She was asked by the Worldwide CEO of Dress for Success to start up the affiliate in London.

  3. It costs 200 GBP to support a woman for a full year, not 50 GBP.

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