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Founder and Board Chairwoman Receives NAACP Image Award

Founder and Board Chairwoman of Dress for Success Greater London Juanita Ingram was honored this month on November 11th receiving the 2021 Ruby Hurley Ambassador NAACP Image Award in recognition of her work to empower others globally, presented by the National President and CEO of the NAACP, Attorney Derrick Johnson.

Juanita stated, “It is an honor to receive an NAACP Image Award and to be recognized for taking up the torch as an ambassador for change and equality. I pray that my work has a positive impact on how we are able to successfully and safely navigate globally in a variety of roles and spaces.”

From the USA, to London, England, to Taipei, Taiwan, and now Singapore, the Ingram family has had quite an adventurous past few years.

Juanita, who is a seasoned American licensed attorney is the Founder of the Greater London and Chattanooga Dress for Success Affiliates. She is also the Founder & President of Purpose Productions, Inc. (a US based 501(c)3 women-owned production company) and is a noted author, award-winning producer, actress, & director. Her award-winning Amazon Prime series, The Expats International Ingrams, highlights the lives of Expats living abroad alongside the work of Dress for Success Greater London, with a portion of the streaming proceeds being donated to the Charity.

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Feb 01, 2023

Vulgar and inappropriate. I am "awed" by the "accomplishments" of someone who is naked and "daring".

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