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#INHERSHOES with DfSGL x roccamore

We are delighted to announce the kick off of the #INHERSHOES campaign partnership with the world renowned shoe designer, roccamore. Introducing #TheNITA boot, named after our Founder and Chairwoman, Juanita Ingram, JD MBA.

Handcrafted in Italy, #TheNITA boot is designed with scientifically proven technology to ensure comfort. It has the classic roccamore orthopedic insole, shaping your foot to walk as anatomically correct as possible. With fashion sustainability in mind, the boot is made of leather, cotton and covered in gold glitter. The shoe is a beautiful tribute to our phenomenal leader who admits she "can't resist a little sparkle."

You can PRE-ORDER to the boot from now until April 8 at:

"In order for us to make a difference, we have established a goal to sell at least 100 pairs of the Nita boot before April 8th 2020.

All the profits will be donated to Dress For Success and invested in helping at least 65 women over the course of this year, by providing them with the tools to get the job, ongoing professional development, interview clothes and a capsule wardrobe.

The more money we raise, the more women we can assist.

You can also donate your used roccamores in exchange for a 20% discount, which you can use to buy a brand new pair. Please deliver the shoes to one of our stores and we'll make sure they get to London.


This beautiful gold glitter boot was named after Juanita Ingram, the founder of Dress For Success Greater London. Made in Italian nappa and cotton covered in glitter, it has the classic, scientifically validated roccamore insole, designed to keep your feet comfortable, while shaping them to walk as anatomically correct as possible. The Nita boot is open for pre-order until April 8th. To go into production, we have to sell min. 100 pairs in 30 days. When the campaign ends, we need 12 weeks to produce and deliver the shoes to you. We promise to keep you updated throughout the process. Stand out. Make a statement.


The Nita boot can only be pre-ordered online, but we'll have a few samples that you can see and maybe try, depending on size availability, in our Copenhagen and Aarhus stores.Since we make the shoes specially for each contributor, they cannot be exchanged or returned.We will post the results and calculations of the profit we've made after the campaign will end, so you can see exactly how much money will be donated to Dress For Success."

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