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Volunteer with Us

If you are looking to spend your employee volunteer days with us, please see our employee volunteering page.

What's Involved in Volunteering

A Typical Day

A typical daily volunteer team will consist of up to four volunteers, with the most experienced put forward as the lead. Depending on the operational priorities for the day, the team will be assigned different roles and tasks by the lead based on an initial briefing session, and these might change throughout the day.

We want volunteers to use their initiative and recognise the best ways of working in the challenging and dynamic environment of the boutique.

Volunteer Commitment

We recognise that the amount of time a volunteer is able to commit to spend with us can vary dramatically depending on personal circumstances. When applying to volunteer we will ask how often you intend to volunteer - this can range from once a quarter up to once a week, however you will be free to book in as per your availability.

Our volunteer booking system allows volunteers to see all available volunteer slots and to book in as best suits them. It will also highlight volunteer days where we are lacking adequate coverage and so volunteers who are available are able to help us (and our clients) out.

Volunteers who do not volunteer in six months are gradually retired from the role but are welcome to return should they become available to.

Please note that while we appreciate the enthusiasm of former clients wishing to volunteer, it is our policy they must have secured permanent employment before they are able to give time volunteering, as to allow otherwise would be against our values as an organisation.

Volunteers are involved in:

  • styling and dressing clients for their interview or new job

  • holding mock interviews to prepare clients for the real thing

  • providing careers guidance to clients who don't get the job

  • sorting, hanging and steaming donated clothing items

  • contacting former clients to see how their interview went and offer additional support

  • packing up out-of-season clothing for storage

  • handling admin tasks including data entry and taking phone calls

  • preparing the boutique for the following day's appointments

  • supporting our external and internal events

  • acting as ambassadors for the charity

We like volunteers who recognise that we are a small charity and are willing to turn their hand to any of the above and more. Further, we value that each volunteer brings their own unique skillset to the organisation and we do our best to get to know the individual and their skills and identify how to utilise that for the benefit of our clients.

Volunteers are at the very core of our organisation, both delivering front-line services and making them happen.

We are looking for more volunteers to assist in delivery of our services. Volunteering with us is a rewarding experience and all our volunteers both corporate and individuals find there experience satisfying where they make a real difference and impact to a Woman's journey.



I like the sense of being useful, I've had a good career so want to help other women in their journey. I get enjoyment meeting new people and we have some fun while here. I get a lot of personal satisfaction when I'm here.


I am always amazed and humbled about how much of a difference a few items of well-tailored clothes and words of encouragement can make to a person's outlook and confidence. 

At the end of the day, I am truly inspired by the courage of the women I have the privilege to work with at DFS.


I've had a good career and want to empower other women, and provide other alternative ideas to overcome challenges. It's a very worth while charity to volunteer for and I think ,ore people should know about it!

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