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Host a Clothing Drive

The majority of our clothing stock comes from the generosity of individuals as part of clothing drives.

Organising a clothing drive in your office, building or even across your company is a great way to support Dress for Success Greater London and the women we serve, while also raising awareness for our cause.

We usually recommend that you reach out to us before organising your clothes drive so that we can be expecting your donations ahead of time.

What we need

It’s important to ensure that everyone donating as part of your suit drive knows exactly what we need to deliver our service.

  • Gently used women's work appropriate clothing

We only accept gently-used and new women’s clothing that is suitable for interview or the workplace. Please make sure that items are cleaned, folded neatly, and that you do not remove the sizing label from any garment. We ask you to please not include coat hangers however high-street style shopping bags are appreciated.

  • Handbags, accessories, shoes and new cosmetics

Generally speaking, if it’s something that will make our clients feel fabulous at interview or in work, we’re happy to accept it. For hygiene reasons we are unable to accept used or unsealed cosmetics of any sort.

  • Pounds in the pocket

Clothes are at the heart of what we do, but they don’t keep the lights on. Small financial donations in addition to, or in lieu of your gently-used workwear enable us to continue to operate and provide this vital service. For security reasons we ask that you do not provide donations in the actual pockets of donated clothing items.

After your collection

We have a number of guidelines that we ask organisations to follow when getting clothing donations from their suit drive to Dress for Success Greater London.

  • Remove hangers and anything else we can't take

We can’t accept used cosmetics or underwear, men’s clothing, coat hangers, damaged or dirty clothing, or anything that is not suitable for the work place. Leaving these in will mean that more money is spent on shipping and that we have to spend more time sorting and discarding of them when they arrive! It’s a lose-lose situation.

  • Pop all of your donations into archive boxes

We request that you use double-walled archive boxes for providing donations as they’re super strong and can be re-used for processing and storing stock. Don’t use single walled boxes, suitcases, laundry bags or similar for providing your donation. We recommend the Klikstore B2 box which can be purchased from most office supply companies and online.

  • Send them over to us by courier or in person

Please contact us to arrange your delivery. Make sure that you clearly label each box so that we can figure out where it’s come from and pass on our thanks!

Changes to donation acceptance times​

As of November 2023, we now only accept donations of clothing from corporates/collections on the last Friday of any given month. Deliveries that arrive outside of this time and are not prearranged with us may be refused.

This change has been implemented to help us keep on top of the turnover of stock and processing of donations while continuing to deliver our much-needed services to clients. We will continue to monitor donation flows and review as necessary.

Thank you for your continued support.

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