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Thank you Roccamore

In March, Roccamore shoes ran a campaign and designed a dress for success glitter bootie called “The Nita”. During the campaign we agreed that all profits raised would be donated to Dress for Success Greater London. As a result, Roccamore raised an astonishing amount that will support 75 women.

Dress for Success Greater London's executive director says Fionnuala Shannon commented “It takes £200 to support a woman for up to 15 months, so this fundraiser will go a long way in supporting our clients and making a positive impact,  especially in the current climate".

Frederikke Schmidt added, “As a sole, female founder, I felt very much alone in the beginning of building my company. I felt like no one understood my challenges and everything was my own fault. Today my company is bigger and it makes me so happy and incredibly proud that we are able to support DFS and their work in helping women live up to their potential and stand stronger every day."

Dress for Success would like to say a huge thank you to Roccamore, things like this really make a difference to both our charity and women's lives.

You can shop Roccamore's beautiful shoe collection here.

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sob adiet
sob adiet
May 27

Throughout the campaign, we made a dordle pact to give Dress for Success Greater London 100% of the proceeds.

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