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Empowerment Centre: The M.O.R.E Fundraising Campaign

In this new norm economy, our clients need more assistance, more services, and more support than ever before. This is why we are launching The M.O.R.E Fundraising Campaign for an Empowerment Centre - a Centralised Location for Expanded Services.

We are seeking funds and support to further enhance the Dress For Success Greater London facilities and offerings to meet the increased demand following the pandemic.

Your donations will contribute directly to the deposit required for us to establish an Empowerment Centre in Greater London to deliver our services to women from a permanent central location. With headquarters located centrally, we will be able to maintain our service levels in the long run and continue to provide a springboard for women to thrive in work and in life.

The M.O.R.E Campaign

*Multiply - By securing a central hub we can reach 3x the number of women in need of our services.

*Optimise - The central hub will be tailored to meet the specific needs of our new norm.

*Resources - After 5 years of empowering women back to work, it has become vital that we adjust our resources in the post-pandemic economy in a manner that will exceed the capability of our current facilities.

*Empower - Building on our already strong success rate of 80%, we can empower more women to be gainfully employed.

We have secured a significant portion of the funds required to purchase new premises through alternative sources of financing and we are now turning to the generosity of the public to help us raise the remainder.

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