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Celebrating Girl Power!

Celebrating the undeniable strength and potential of girls on this #InternationalDayOfTheGirlChild! 🎉

We’re thrilled to spotlight our visionary founder, Juanita Ingram, and our inaugural Youth for Success Ambassador, her dynamic 15 year old daughter, Kinsley Ingram (3rd Culture Kid and star of Amazon Prime hit The Expats International Ingrams (

🌟 Kinsley devoted her summer to aiding both Dress for Success Greater London (inclusive of our collaboration with @milkhoneybees) and Dress for Success Chattanooga, passionately volunteering to elevate and empower young/teen girls through our charitable efforts.

Thank you to our clothing sponsor Adrianna Pappell a@adriannapapell @susiefoxy for always supporting the work that we do and providing the fabulous garments this shoot! 📸👗

Our #YouthForSuccess initiative aims to embolden teen girls, nurturing their abilities to lead and become independent luminaries of tomorrow. By placing girls at the center of change, listening and responding to their needs, and involving them in decision-making, we’re weaving a future that profoundly trusts in girls’ agency. This is what we have done for years and will continue to focus on for years to come.


Join #DressForSuccessGreaterLondon in crafting a future where every girl has the platform to lead, evolve, and illuminate her unique path with confidence and strength.

💪 Here’s to championing girls, ensuring their voices resonate and inspire action throughout our global communities!

Spread the word and stand united with us in building a future wherein every girl shapes her own destiny.

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