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Support Organisations

We accept referrals from a number of support organisations, with whom we work closely to support our clients through their progression back into employment. Clients must have an upcoming interview, placement or training programme to be referred to us for their first styling and coaching appointment.

Organisations that have cohorts of women that might benefit from a group appointment, e.g. as part of a training programme or similar, are able to do so as part of our block bookings programme whereby they will be able to have exclusive access to our boutique, stylists and interview coaching.

Making a referral

To make a referral you will need your organisation’s referral code. To get this, speak to your manager or call us on 0203 773 7279.

Once you have this information, click below to visit the client referral system:

Please note: we can no longer confirm appointments for new referrals over the phone – you must do this through the referral system.

Client referral system

What to tell your client about her appointment:

  • Appointments last approximately 1 hour – 30 minutes styling and 30 minutes interview coaching
  • She will receive a single outfit at her first appointment for her upcoming interview or similar.
  • The clothing items she will be given are donated to us by individuals and organisations and are a mix of new and gently-used items.
  • The outfit received is hers to keep.
  • The client must let us know if she cannot make the appointment or if she would like to rearrange it by 4pm the day before as it will impact your organisation’s ability to refer to us if they do not attend.

Please contact us if you have any questions

How to register as a support organisation

To register to refer your clients to Dress for Success, please email us.