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New Partnership with ESTELLE LONDON

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

IG: @estellelondonofficial 

EMPOWERMENT Our founder continually challenges her team to strive to celebrate women everywhere. She wants to symbolise hard working, loving and caring women through her brand, Estelle London. In caring about sustainable fashion, about how women feel when they dress, and through her charitable actions, she leads the fashion industry in caring for her community. Estelle London is proud to announce a working relationship with the charity, Dress for Success Greater London. This international charity empowers women into the workplace from positions of vulnerability by providing free professional clothing, styling, interview tips and techniques. Dress for Success is a natural fit for Estelle London and the passions of empowering women that we embrace! We will be sharing our work with Dress for Success in stories we share in the future; please watch for them and become involved. We’d love to have you with us." 

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